The Truth Behind Finding your Passion?

The idea of finding your passion and purpose sadly has become another Americanism to make us feel like if we don’t have it or know what it is, then we are missing something that everyone else has, or that we aren’t good enough or smart enough to have one, and if we die never finding it,  we have lived a wasted life -I see this message everywhere, and it’s really starting to drive me crazy!

As a coach I struggle with the messaging of finding purpose and passion because people are desperately seeking it, and I can absolutely help them find it, but I am disappointed how it has turned into more of a message of marketing and consumerism that makes us feel inadequate. It’s complete BS!  I want to offer those of you that feel this pressure of finding your purpose and passion to approach it differently…rather than beating yourself up for not finding “it”, reflect on the things in your life that fill you up.  Use whatever comes to mind and make a decision to create more – more of those experiences, more of that positive energy you felt, more of building yourself up, not tearing yourself down! Doing passion work is super fun and so rewarding when it is approached with the right mindset and looked at more as a journey than a destination.

For this next year, if you are still searching for your passion and purpose, or you thought you had it but it’s not turning out as you had hoped it would, then I encourage you to focus on investing your resources (time, money, efforts) to make more of that which creates energy and happiness for you, rather than spending it feeling depressed about it, look at it as embarking in the most rewarding process and journey of your life.

Passion and purpose in their simplest form is energy.  Find what gives you energy, builds you up, makes you excited, and you will be on the path to creating your passion and purpose. They are not a thing you find, an object that can be bought, or something you achieve once and then check it off as done. Start by reflecting on what it is for you that builds that energy, make a decision to do one thing per week to create momentum to get more of it, and keep your focus on that path – no matter how big or small it is. It’s baby steps that will compound into meaningful experiences and moments!

If you want help figuring out what this looks like for you, I would love to help. Because I don’t want this to be about marketing but rather spreading this message, I am offering a Free Discover Your Passion & Purpose sessions through the month of December.

If you know of a friend or family member struggling with this or just ready to get started, share this blog and tag them.  E-mail or message me for more information.

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