Assessment: What’s Your Burn-Out Rating?

See what your Burn-Out Rating is!

If you would like a glimpse into what Uptown Coaching can do for you and your business, I encourage you to take advantage of The Extinguish Your Burn-Out Assessment.

This assessment will provide an in depth description and insight into  what has created that “stuck” and “burned-out” feeling you are experiencing and some specific steps you can take so that you can move forward with the passion, drive and feeling of success you once had or know you are capable of.

With this small purchase you will get the opportunity to take a short assessment which will provide you with a customized 10 Page Report based on your answers as well as a personal one-on-one coaching session to discuss the results and how you can use this information moving forward to extinguish your burn-out and propel you forward.  BONUS: You will also get a “First Steps Strategic Plan” to start making those changes immediately so you can take ACTION to getting closer to your vision of what life could be like and make it a reality.

Once you Purchase the Assessment you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours with a link to access the assessment.  After you complete the assessment you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and soon after you will be contacted to schedule your Review & Coaching Session.  You will receive a copy of your assessment as well.

You may purchase the Extinguish Your Burn-Out Assessment below:

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