See what your Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligence Aptitude is!

This assessment will provide an in depth description and insight into how you show up in life. How you perceive the world in various events and circumstances and how you react to those situations.  Through coaching you will gain awareness to the subconscious thoughts and behaviors you demonstrate and get to the root of why, so you can begin to enhance the effectiveness of your leadership abilities in both your business and personal life.

The assessment is the first step in providing a framework and philosophy to gain awareness around yourself and others, and how we perceive the world and react to it.  Through coaching you will gain tools to help you focus on responding to life, rather than reacting to it.  When we respond, we are being mindful and purposeful with our actions, and no longer operating from the default of the subconscious.  When we step into leadership with purpose we can start creating the life we desire rather than accepting what pops up – we can literally design our reality.

With this small purchase you will get the opportunity to take a short assessment which will provide you with a customized 10 Page Report based on your answers, as well as a personal one-on-one coaching session to discuss the results and how you can use this information moving forward.

BONUS: You will also get a “First Steps Strategic Plan” to start making those changes immediately so you can take ACTION to getting closer to your vision of what life could be like and make it a reality.

You may purchase the Leadership Energy Assessment below:  *Once you Purchase the Assessment you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours with a link to access the assessment.  After you complete the assessment you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the results, and soon after be contacted to schedule your Review & Coaching Session.  (If this is for a scheduled group session we will debrief the results at that time and you can follow-up with the 1:1 session if you’d like, simply select that option from the dropdown below)

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