Congratulations on taking a huge step towards changing your life for the better and I welcome you to Uptown Coaching!  I am honored you have chosen me, Lesley Poladsky, as your coach.  Taking this initial step shows extreme courage and sends a message to the universe that you are ready and willing to make a change, The Law of Attraction is on your side!

To provide you with a glimpse of how amazing coaching can be, and how it typically works, I am offering you a FREE complimentary session.  After that, it is totally up to you whether you would like to continue, no strings attached.  I am confident you will quickly see the many benefits coaching has to offer as well as recognize some huge positive changes within your own life.  You may have some previous experience with coaching, or you may be brand new to the concept, so I wanted to outline some basic coaching principles as well as additional information regarding Uptown Coaching.

  1. Coaching is typically done on the phone but may be done in person
  2. Coaching has many definitions, in summary it is an action oriented process which focuses on discovering what you truly desire, exploring all of the potential paths to getting it, and creating and committing to a plan to get the results you want and achieve success in your terms.
  3. As your coach I will listen to you in a supportive and non-judgemental fashion, assist you in zooming in the focus of your desires, aid you in discovering, acknowledging and breaking down any blocks preventing you from achieving them, challenge your “old” thoughts and judgements that are no longer serving you, and provide accountability to the commitments you are making. Most importantly I will encourage and cheer you on as you travel down the path to reach your goals, and fulfill your passion and purpose.
  4. As your coach, I will provide you with a confidential, private and judgement free place in which you can openly share your thoughts, feelings, goals, dreams, fears and anything else you would like – this time is all about you and you can utilize it however you’d like.  I encourage you be open and honest as this will enhance the effectiveness of our time working together.
  5. What Coaching is versus what it isn’t:
    • Coaching is not where I tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing in your life
    • Coaching is not consulting; you are the expert in your life and I am not going to pretend to be.  You will create the agenda of the sessions and I will guide you to a place of discovery, enlightenment and action
    • Coaching is a supportive relationship in which we work together to get you what your really want out of life
    • Coaching will often times overlap with other professional services such as psychotherapy, consulting, etc. It is not a replacement for those services, however they often work well together and even enhance each other
    • Coaching does provide you with various tools, accountability, and a new perspective to view the world
    • Coaching will work with you to reflect on your thought and behavior patterns, and evaluate how they are serving you now and where a shift in such may serve you better
    • Coaching does provide an opportunity to focus on specific goals and outcomes with the accountability to succeed in those goals.  This can be in any area of your life including but not limited to career, relationships, business, passion projects, etc.
  6. If done over the phone, it will be your responsibility to call me at your scheduled appointment time, I will not call you.  If you are unable to call and attend your appointment, and have not provided 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled appointment you will forfeit the appointment as part of your package
  7. It is expected that you will “show up” to your appointment prepared and follow through with commitments which are discussed during your session, and if you do not succeed in those commitments, take the time to reflect on why.   It is recommended that you have something to take notes on during your session.  Most sessions, but not all, will provide homework/ goals to work on for the following week, and perhaps topics you decide you would like to discuss and work on in the upcoming session, taking notes will help you stay in tune with those goals and topics
  8. Sessions will be sold as a package deal, typically built upon a per month or per quarter pricing arrangement.  After your initial session you will receive more detail on pricing options

I look forward to working with you to find a place of honesty & enlightenment, to becoming your best self, and to cheer you on as you find success!


Lesley Poladsky

Professional Life & Business Coach, Owner


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