Faith is More Powerful than Proof!

And I’m NOT talking about Religion!

I’m sure many of you have heard of an “Aha moment”? How many of you have experienced one?  When I say Aha Moment, I am not just talking about a moment when something clicks, or you agree with a new perspective, I am talking about a major shift in how you perceive the world; like stepping into a whole new dimension, shaking you to your core.

Well I had never experienced anything quite that powerful until I attending a training class for my Professional Coaching Certification with Ipec – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  I had a big Aha moment, and what made it even more astounding is that it was an Aha Moment that I truly feel will benefit the World.  In an instant it created a mission for me to share it and build upon through my coaching practice, Uptown Professional Coaching.  It’s a message that I believe will help conquer emotional suffering.  I believe it is that Powerful!  So what is it you ask?!

Well it all started with the statement “Faith is More Powerful than Proof”.  

Our instructor read this principal to the class and we quickly began to discuss and debate. One of my classmates gave his interpretation and related it to his coaching practice and how he knows that the faith he has in his own success is much more powerful than the proof of having a certification in coaching.

All of a sudden it was like I went through a time warp, or parallel universe, all of these thoughts started flying at me at high speed, but the crazy thing is they were all making sense and all building up to a concept that blew me away!

Faith is more powerful than proof – I began thinking about how so many of us are suffering emotionally and how this concept is the key to why.  We are all looking externally for Proof that we are Good Enough, Proof that We Matter, Proof of our Purpose, and Proof that we are Lovable and Belong.  It is a fundamental human flaw, that beats us up, we all suffer from it, we feel completely alone when searching for that proof, and it is exhausting!

We are in a constant search for proof and even when we find what we think is it, it’s a blip on the radar and we are off to the races searching for it again; We get the nice car – now we need the nice house; we get the degree and the job – now we need a promotion or higher title; we get the spouse and kids – now we’re stressed out and need to save up for college, and not really taking the time to enjoy any of it. Some people have such a hard time with the lack of proof that they just numb their bodies with substances and addiction so they don’t feel the pain from the lack of proof and just quit searching completely. The cycle never ends, it just keeps going, and going!

Now, don’t get me wrong, substance abuse is a topic of it’s own, and there is nothing wrong with having big goals and dreams, nor is there anything wrong with wanting a nice car and house – the problem is when we can’t enjoy the present, or take time to feel gratitude for what we currently have, rather consistently living with eyes focused on the future and saying “I’ll be happy when….”  or “If I could just get ____ then I would be happy!”

So why are we getting sucked into this cycle? Because THERE IS NO FRIGGIN’ PROOF, and there NEVER will be, especially when we are looking externally for it!  It just doesn’t exist, plain and simple!

We give our power away by allowing this desire for proof to control us. It distracts us from understanding who we really are and connecting to the faith that we are Good Enough just as we are in that moment, and no one else gets to judge or determine that, only ourselves.

There is no Proof, BUT there is FAITH, and that faith lies within us waiting to bloom.  That is the gold, that is what provides us with confidence, courage, love, and the gusto to go out and live as our true selves, doing what it is that we were put here on this planet to do, and actually do it!

The more you connect and develop that faith, the more confident you feel in your purpose, that you belong, that you can do the things you have always wanted to do, and all the more success you will find; eventually you will see it’s not about the proof at all, it’s about the faith, and to continue focusing on that instead.  The insanity cycle ends there, no more searching for proof, no more fleeting happiness, but rather stable ground through faith.

Think about how that would feel; if you were able to approach every day and each scenario with the faith that you do belong, that you do matter, and that you have a purpose and you know what it is?  Try it on for size, see how it feels!

If this is a concept you have more interest in, I would love to hear your comments.  I recommend that you take advantage of my offer for a FREE Initial Coaching Session over the phone to talk more about how coaching can help you connect with a life of empowerment and abundance, in which the faith in yourself is stronger than ever.

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