How the coaching process works –  Are you ready to start on a journey of self-discovery?  Together we will embark on a relationship built on trust and accountability to explore and challenge your current thoughts and behaviors.  Through coaching you will explore and propel your true potential and embrace living as your best self.  Coaching provides an opportunity for transformation, freedom and enlightenment to connect with WHO you really are and go after what is you really want.

Based on your agenda, we will identify and prioritize what it is you want to focus on and the areas you’d like to improve, or the areas you are really happy in and want to strengthen.  Coaching provides a partnership and structure with specific tools to design a plan and stay accountable to that plan, to provide lasting results. Through our conversations we will raise your awareness around how you are showing up, the blocks that are holding you back from exponential success, and living a life of purpose and fulfillment.  I will be here to listen, cheer you  on and celebrate when you get there.

You CAN do it, just make that first step and get in touch with me.  Make it happen!

Coaching sessions are usually done on the phone and last around 50-55 minutes.  Services are sold in packages rather than sessions as clients have a much higher rate of success when they commit to a minimum of 3 months.


Are you ready for a change but not sure what it is, or just not sure how to make it happen?  The Self Discovery & Leadership Assessment can clue you into why this is, and so much more.  The Leadership Assessment is a nice way to dip your toes into coaching. For more information on the assessment and it’s benefits contact me below, or purchase here: