Faith, Not Fear

Faith may be something you’ve told your friends or family to hang on to, but how often have you used the same advice in your life when making decisions? It’s easy when the world is whizzing by, when our minds are cluttered with a million things to do, and it seems like nothing is going according to plan, to allow our fearful minds to take over.… Read the rest

The Truth Behind Finding your Passion?

The idea of finding your passion and purpose sadly has become another Americanism to make us feel like if we don’t have it or know what it is, then we are missing something that everyone else has, or that we aren’t good enough or smart enough to have one, and if we die never finding it,  we have lived a wasted life -I see this message everywhere, and it’s really starting to drive me crazy!… Read the rest

Why Your Business May Suffer Without A Values Statement

Mission Statements are something most business owners know they are “supposed” to have and often get thrown together as part of the checklist when starting a business. However, Value Statements often get skipped entirely because they are misunderstood.  While a Mission Statement is a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual, the Value Statement is the meat and potatoes that makes up the Mission Statement.  … Read the rest

Faith is More Powerful than Proof!

And I’m NOT talking about Religion!

I’m sure many of you have heard of an “Aha moment”? How many of you have experienced one?  When I say Aha Moment, I am not just talking about a moment when something clicks, or you agree with a new perspective, I am talking about a major shift in how you perceive the world; like stepping into a whole new dimension, shaking you to your core.… Read the rest

How to Combat Indecisiveness When it Really Matters!

Decisiveness is a struggle that many of us suffer from. It can be especially difficult when we want to put in serious thought and not make a rash or off the cuff decision. Sorting out all of the options and trying to evaluate which is best can quickly backfire and become frustrating and overwhelming which ultimately prevents us from making a decision at all.  … Read the rest