“I’m the owner of a physical therapy practice in Rockville, MD. After 10 years of running a small business, I was feeling stagnant in the growth of my business and unsatisfied in other aspects of my personal life. I decided to take a chance with coaching and I can easily say that deciding to start professional coaching was one of the best business and personal decisions I’ve made in a long time. Lesley was the catalyst that gave me the clarity I needed that propelled me forward with creating real, positive changes in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend Lesley to anyone who is considering life and business coaching. You won’t regret it.” – Tamer I.

“I have several colleagues that mentioned having a coach, it was something that interested me but it took me a while to pull the trigger.  As soon as I did, wow did my business and attitude change.  I had no idea talking with someone and using certain tools and activities could lead me to feel more confident and decisive in my business.  I wish I would have signed up sooner!  Thank you Lesley, you have a real gift and I actually look forward to our sessions every week!” – Marcia K.

“The power of coaching and how Lesley walks you through different topics and perspectives while just sharing my day with her has helped me so much.  I actually get things done now, and recognize my progress when I don’t finish everything I wanted to, no more beating myself up, just keep pushing through.  I feel good about where my business is headed and actually have a personal life now!” – Pete N.